Maintenance Zones

What is a maintenance zone?

Maintenance zones are a concept many municipalities use to designate specific days of the week for routine street, sewer and water maintenance activities, such as hydrant flushing, street sweeping, and snow removal after snow events. The purpose of the zones is to provide the community with a standardized schedule of maintenance to minimize disruptions.  

How do maintenance zones impact residents?

During the designated maintenance zone day of the week, no on-street parking is allowed 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to allow Public Works crews to conduct maintenance. Signs have been installed throughout the City to identify the no-parking day of the week in that maintenance zone. The no parking regulations are enforced by the West Fargo Police Department.

What are the maintenance zone boundaries?

The maintenance zones share the same boundaries as the garbage collection schedule and the assigned maintenance zone day of the week will be the day before garbage collection. For example, there will be no on street parking 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday’s in the Wednesday garbage collection zone. Monday garbage collection zones will have no on street parking Friday’s. On these days, motorists will need to find alternative parking for their vehicles.

How to report a parking violation in a maintenance zone?

Before making a complaint, it is highly encouraged to speak with your neighbor first, if applicable. 

If you believe you have a complaint that could be a violation of a city ordinance, it can be submitted using the following options:

For more information on Code Enforcement, please visit this online link

Street Maintenance Zones