Community Outreach Programs and Services Unit

The West Fargo Police Department is strengthening its relationship with the community by formalizing the Community Outreach Program and Services (COPS) Unit. 

“The goal of the unit is to enhance and build trust between the West Fargo Police Department and every resident in the community,” said Chief Denis Otterness. “We are continuing to grow our department and find ways to interact with our residents, which is especially important given the increasing diversity of our community.”

The COPS Unit consists of a Sergeant, eight School Resource Officers, and a Community Engagement Officer. These officers will work together to be a presence and resource in the community. 

The COPS Unit continues the department’s continued efforts to recognize West Fargo’s changing demographics and strengthen relationships with all members of the community. These efforts include planned community events, adding School Resource Officers, hiring a Community Engagement Officer, and the completion of cultural awareness and diversity training for staff.