Neighborhood Watch Program

Its two o'clock in the morning when suddenly you are awaken by a strange noise. You get out of bed and look out your bedroom window and see someone coming out of your next door neighbor's garage. The next night while asleep you hear the same noise at 2 a.m. You crawl out of bed and again someone is coming out of your neighbor's garage. What do you do? Do you contact the Police the next day? Do you contact the Police while the incident is taking place? Do you tell your neighbor what you saw? All of these answers would be correct.

In the example above, after talking with your neighbor you find out they are allowing a nephew to spend a few days at their house as he is working late hours during the construction season. The young man is from out of town and prefers to not to drive back and forth.

Ask yourself the following questions; would I want to know if someone was in my garage at 2 a.m. or, would I want to know if someone was looking into my children's bedroom window at night? A neighborhood watch program operating in your neighborhood could detect this activity.

The Program

The West Fargo Police Department has launched a neighborhood watch program to encourage you and your neighbors to become involved in crime prevention and detection. Having the addition of the public's eye on crime will assist local law enforcement in addressing issues within your community. A neighborhood watch program also allows you to get to know your neighbors and the community better.

Success of Neighborhood Watch

As the economy wanes, law enforcement executives and citizens fear an increase in crime will directly impact neighborhoods. Across the nation, police chiefs and sheriffs are expressing their concern the falling economy will directly affect crime rates in their areas, especially crimes traditionally considered to be quality-of-life-type crimes. The West Fargo Police Department cannot solve all the crimes in the community without the help of you. So with that we ask for your help.

The way for you to become involved help is to generate interest with those who live around you and start a neighborhood watch program. In this program the West Fargo Police Department is available to provide training in crime detection and deterrence of the types of crime that may be occurring in your neighborhood. We would post signs in your neighborhood that would show a would-be criminal your neighborhood does not put up with any of their tactics.

Get Started

  • Talk to your neighbors to determine their interest in a neighborhood watch program
  • The second step is to contact the West Fargo Police Department and request a meeting. The department has officers trained to facilitate the meeting and conduct training.
  • Be active in your neighborhood. We are not asking you to walk the streets of West Fargo with flashlights looking for criminals. We just ask that you contact us if you see something that is not right.
Remember, not only does this program deals with crime it also makes your neighborhood be heard as one voice. You will be able to voice your concerns to city groups as a neighborhood rather than one family when situations come up like broken park equipment, or road repairs that need attention.

If you are interested in the neighborhood watch program please contact Sergeant Cody Belke at (701) 515-5542 or Community Engagement Officer Rhonda Jorgensen at (701) 515-5730.

Crime Tips & Prevention

A neighborhood watch (also called a crime watch or neighborhood crime watch) is an organized group of citizens devoted to crime - and vandalism-prevention within a neighborhood. It builds on the concept of a town watch from Colonial America. A neighborhood watch may be organized as its own group or may simply be a function of a neighborhood association or other community association. Neighborhood watches are not vigilante organizations. When suspecting criminal activities, members are encouraged not to intervene but to contact authorities.

A neighborhood watch program would provide your neighborhood an opportunity to get to know one another better, help reduce crime along with many of other possibilities.

The West Fargo Police Department asks that you report any suspicious activities directly to Red River Regional Dispatch Center at (701) 451-7660 or call the West Fargo Police at (701) 515-5500.