Police Chaplain

The West Fargo Police Department created a Chaplain position in 1995. This is a volunteer position with great responsibility to both officers of the West Fargo Police Department as well as the community and citizens.

The police Chaplains work to meet the needs of both the officer and the members of the public as police work can become very emotional for multiple parties. The police Chaplains often ride with officers during shift and are always on call to support and assist both the officers and the victims of different traumatic events. 

Police Officer's Prayer

Oh, Almighty God, who's great power and
Eternal wisdom embraces the universe,
Watch over our police officers
And all law enforcement officers.

Protect them from harm in the performance
Of their duty to stop crime, robberies, riot
And violence. We pray, help them keep our
Streets and homes safe by day and night.

We recommend them to your loving care
Because their duty is dangerous.
Grant them your unending strength and
Courage in their daily assignments.

Dear God, protect these brave men and women,
Grant them your almighty protection.
Unite them safely with their families
After duty has ended. Amen.

Vern Baardson (PNG)

Pastor Vern Baardson of Triump Lutheran Brethern Church and has served as a West Fargo Police Chaplain since 2007.

Casey Baardson (PNG)

Casey Baardson has served as a West Fargo Police Chaplain since 2013.

Tami Crist (PNG)

Tami Crist has served as a West Fargo Police Chaplain since 2021.