Comprehensive Plan

West Fargo 2_0 LogoBuilding on past planning efforts, especially the 2008 West Fargo comprehensive plan, West Fargo 2.0: Redefining Tomorrow seeks to implement a vision that preserves the character of the City of West Fargo, still perceived by some as a rural community, while addressing growth in a way that provides, protects and improves upon the high quality of life for all residents. 

This plan focuses on sustainable development — measured by environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and an equitable distribution of community resources — that reflects the community’s unique character and local values. 
The West Fargo 2.0 document provides a vision and a policy framework from which the zoning ordinance, site and subdivision regulations, capital improvements plan, and annual budget are guided.

It also helps manage municipal service areas and influences other planning documents. It should be used by elected officials and appointed board members to evaluate development applications, amend ordinances, and plan future expenditures. Together, the plan and its implementation tools ensure that future decision making regarding development is consistent with the community’s vision and residents’ expectations for a higher quality of life. 

Ultimately, West Fargo 2.0’s relevance will be measured by its use during every day decision making. Monitoring the plan’s implementation should be an open and ongoing process, summarized each year in a community report card that examines performance, measures achievement, and reflects changes generated by the plan.

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West Fargo 2.0 Comprehensive Plan

WF 2.0 Comprehensive Plan - The Process

The City of West Fargo and its consultant, Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative (TPUDC), led an open public engagement process unlike any other planning effort in the city. Over the course of 12 months, the city offered an array of engagement opportunities, using a number of creative techniques to try and reach a broad cross-section of West Fargo and spread the word about the West Fargo 2.0 project.

In today’s busy world, where there is no one way to reach people, West Fargo went above and beyond to reach constituents, inventing creative ways to engage the public and generate buzz.

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