The Overdimensional Vehicle Policy establishes the weight, width, length and height restrictions for vehicles operating on city roadways. The purpose of the policy is to the increase the safety of the traveling public and protect structural integrity of the City's roadways.

Operators who wish to exceed the maximum vehicle dimensions or exceed the maximum weight of a non-divisible load may submit an application to Public Works. If approved, a completed permit will authorize the operation of vehicles that exceed the limits set in the Overdimensional Vehicle Policy Manual.

Starting Jan. 1, 2019, the City of West Fargo will no longer accept permits through fax or e-mails. Permits will now only be received, accepted and approved through an online submittal process.

The City of West Fargo will also have a computer kiosk available for use to obtain permits.  The kiosk will be located at West Fargo City Hall located at 800 Fourth Ave. E., West Fargo.

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