Enterprise Grant

Program Purpose and Benefits

The City of West Fargo (city) targeted development program provides the use of public funds to leverage private investment for interior and exterior improvements to commercial properties located within the city. The program applies to all commercial property that is located within the targeted redevelopment area downtown. Targeted redevelopment area is defined as a property located in the downtown overlay district (see map attached). The program is intended to encourage property owners and business tenants of properties to undergo projects which are transformational with respect to use (which must be consistent with the vision of the West Fargo 2.0 comprehensive plan) or lifespan of the building not just maintenance of the property (This is not a building maintenance contract).

Program Goals

  • Beautify the area by improving exterior building facades
  • Enhance commercial growth
  • Encourage redevelopment and reinvestment
  • Increase community pride in the adjacent neighborhoods
  • Add significant physical improvements to the aesthetics of the property
  • Create unique and distinct places
  • Coordinate implementation efforts
  • Attract businesses that compliment revitalization of an area through employment, unique offerings, and complementary businesses to the West Fargo 2.0 Comprehensive Vision

Project Eligibility

The program is offered through and administered by the City of West Fargo Economic Development office. Interested parties may apply for a grant not to exceed $75,000. To qualify for the entire $75,000 the applicant must have at least $150,000.00 of qualifying expenses that are approved by the West Fargo Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) and City Commission. Projects will be considered on a prorated basis, the grant is eligible for up to 50% of the qualified expenses. Additional Renaissance Zone incentives may be applicable if other capital/structural improvements are made to the property. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Payment of all taxes and/or assessments must be current
  • Property must be zoned commercial and operate as such
  • Applicant must make a financial commitment to the project
  • Projects must be transformational in appearance, use, or lifespan of the building.
  • Improvements must comply with all City zoning and building code requirements and Sheyenne St/Main Ave recommendations.

Enterprise Grant Materials and Application (PDF)