What happened to the daily noon whistle?

Beginning Monday, Feb. 19, the City of West Fargo will no longer sound the warning siren at noon each weekday. This change is consistent with emergency management best practices, which call for periodic audible testing instead of daily audible tests. Daily soundings have been found to dilute the effectiveness of the warning system. The last day of the daily noon whistle will be Friday, Feb. 16.

The Red River Regional Dispatch Center will continue to have the monthly audible tests at 1 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month throughout the metro. The siren system is also silently tested daily at 9 a.m. to check rotation, radio communication, batteries, amplifiers and other system features. Additional testing includes full diagnostic system tests before active summer weather in the spring, an audible test of the system in June and preventative maintenance in the fall that can include silent and/or audible testing. Before all audible testing the City of West Fargo will notify residents with a press release and announcement on social media and website.

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2. What happened to the daily noon whistle?
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